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Camp Xcel is not your typical gym


When your goal is lasting weight loss, it is crucial that you find a gym that not only motivates and supports you, but pushes you to achieve success. At Camp Xcel in South Gate, an advanced fitness boot camp staffed by qualified professionals, you will find the encouragement and structure necessary to get the results you want and need. Here’s a quick look at how Camp Xcel can help you get your life back on track in regards to your level of physical fitness.

What is Camp Xcel and What do they do?

Let’s start with what Camp Xcel is not. It’s not your typical gym. It’s not intimidating, overcrowded, or staffed by people who would much rather be left alone. It’s not a quick fix or a simple walk in the park. It’s also not a place where you will hear snickering because you can’t quite keep up in the beginning.

Now, for what it is. Camp Xcel offers a welcoming, energetic, and enthusiastic environment that gives women not only a place to comfortably workout, but a place to make friends with like minded individuals. It is staffed by coaches who have real life experiences, whether it’s their own or taking clients through an amazing transformation, and are ready to educate you on how to do the same. The group boot camp sessions are designed to get rid of body fat, increase your strength, and improve your health.

How Does Camp Xcel Benefit the South Gate, CA Area?

While there are really too many benefits to name them all, here’s a short list of what makes Camp Xcel so beneficial.

The goal is to give you the results you’ve always wanted … not what other people expect you to be.

The professional staff isn’t there to simply hand you a towel or roll their eyes as you struggle to catch on. They are there to educate you and show you just what you need to do to finally let go of that extra fat and weight you’ve been holding on to.

Camp Xcel is designed for every woman. Yes, it is provides plenty of benefits for women who are intent on losing weight, but it is also perfect for women who are focused on getting stronger and healthier.

Let’s face it. Everyone has a day when they just aren’t in the mood to work out, whether they are simply tired or have hit a plateau. The staff and clients at Camp Xcel are there to offer support and motivation and get you through these tough times.

Camp Xcel can help you make that amazing body transformation you have been dreaming of for so long.

Camp Xcel gives you the opportunity to meet others who know what you are going through and will help you confront and conquer your setbacks, while also celebrating your achievements.

Although it sounds like a cliché, Camp Xcel helps you turn the words “I can’t” into “I can”. You’ll learn the discipline and persistence you need to make lasting changes to your physical condition.

If you are tired of feeling unhappy and/ or unhealthy, it’s time to do something about it in an environment that is conducive to change. I challenge you to go out and find a fitness boot camp in your area and start your weight loss journey!

If you happen to live in South Gate, CA, here is more info on the boot camp:
Camp Xcel
13450 Paramount Blvd, South Gate, CA 90280
(562) 250-7487

The Benefits of Having a Gym Partner

gym partners

Working out in the gym can become monotonous and often bore you to the extent that you stop working out altogether. This can result in you gaining back all the lost weight which can be harmful for your body in the long run. If you are looking for weight loss service you need to find the right option. And you can ensure that you hit the gym daily if you’ve a great gym partner with you.

How a Gym Partner Can Make the Experience a Whole lot more Fun

The best solution to this problem is getting a gym partner who works out with you at the same time everyday and keeps you company! Having a gym partner also offers some other great benefits which have been discussed below:

· Makes workout fun – Having a gym partner who you can work out with makes the entire workout session fun and interesting. You interact with your partner, compete with him during certain exercises and have a buddy to help you push through the session making the workout far more interesting. This also makes you look forward to such workout session and your commitment to the gym increases without you realizing it.

· Keeps you motivated – A gym partner is like your own personal motivator who keeps you motivated during the entire workout and ensures that you do not give up before you have completed all the exercises perfectly. If you are unable to complete a set or number of repetitions in a particular exercise, he will do the exercise with you and make sure that you reach till the very end.

· Brings in the competitive factor – The human mind is so competitive that it starts competing with fellow humans even without knowing it. Once you and your gym partner start working out together, your mind automatically starts comparing your own body with his and you try to outdo your partner in every exercise you perform together. This in turn makes you work out better, increases your repetitions and you become fitter much sooner than you had expected too!

· Keeps a check on your ego – When you start losing weight after working out in the gym, you might develop an ego about become fitter and this might hamper your progress mid-way. A gym partner applauds your achievements and praises you when needed but also keeps you grounded by making you realize that you still have a long way to go and need to focus on your aims.

· Makes the workout session safe – If you have a partner who is running with you on the treadmill or working out with you when you do machine squats, it makes the workout session safer. If you get suddenly injured or fall down from the treadmill, you know you have someone who will take care of you immediately and give you first-aid if needed.

· Brings variety – With a gym partner around, you can easily try out new exercises without worrying how you will do them. With someone being near you to experiment new things, you feel confident enough to do so creating variety in your workouts which result in better sessions yielding faster results.

You can do a whole lot more with your life once you start going to the gym. Whether it be having a fitter body or being more mentally aware, you will be able to be a lot more productive than before.

Need help finding a gym buddy? Check out this video to help you out.

Check Out These 6 Simple Ways To Get More Out Of Your Workout

exerciseAre you like many people who workout regularly? If so, then you might be wondering what you can do to get more out of your workouts. There are various things you can do. Below are six simple ways to get more out of your workouts.

1. Stick To Your Schedule- You should always stick with your workout schedule, even on the days you feel fatigued and drained. All too often people skip a workout because of tiredness or another reason. If you want to get the most from your workouts, then it’s important to stick with your schedule. What you can do is set a 4-5 week workout schedule and stick with it, and then you can tweak the next workout schedule you create.

2. Start Tracking Your Progress- A lot of people keep track of their progress, but only mentally. The most efficient way

to keep track is by keeping a workout journal. After you have worked out, write down how many sets you completed, the reps you did, the exercises you did, and how much weight you lifted or how long you jogged for on the treadmill and other information about your workout. Doing this allows you to work even harder to get passed any plateaus and to keep track of how much progress you are making.
3. Start Using Compound Sets- Do you need more of a challenge? If so, then start training with compound sets, which involve doing two exercises for the same body-part, and they are done back-to-back before you take a normal rest interval. After you have rested, do it 1-2 more times, and feel free to do this for any body part you are training.

4. Do Jumping Jacks Between Sets- If you want to burn even more calories throughout your workout, then do jumping jacks in-between sets. For example, after you have done a set of dumbbell flyes, you can do 15-25 jumping jacks before doing another set of flyes, and then you will do more jumping jacks before performing flyes again. You don’t have to do this for every workout, but you might want to give it a try a few times per week. You might be surprised at how great you feel afterward.


5. Perform Front Squats- The next time you train legs, don’t put the barbell behind your neck. Instead, perform front squats because they tend to be more of a challenge, and at the end of your leg workout, your legs will likely be more sore than usual. Make sure you don’t go too heavy with front squats, if you have never done them before or if you are not 100% sure on how to perform the exercise correctly.

6. Switch To A New Routine Every 4-6 Weeks- In order for your body to grow or for you to continue to make progress, you need to keep your muscles guessing because they can adapt to training routines. Ideally, you should switch to a new workout routine every 4-6 weeks. If you don’t want to do that, then start adding a new exercise to your routines. You don’t have to do this all the time, but if you wish to get the most from your workout, then adding a new exercise into the mix is a good way to do it.

There are many other ways to get more out of your workout. However, the ways discussed above are some of the best ones. If you want to make your workouts more challenging and get more out of them, then implement the above advice the next time you train.